Oil Paintings, Pastels, Drawings Own an original piece of art of your own choosing.  Religious commissions, private commissions, landscapes, murals, personal family or historical events. Come with a budget in mind or with a specific idea or request that can then be estimated.

Portraits Portraits are a special way to capture the essence of an individual or family member that will last for generations. Portraits can be a commemoration or recognition of a persons accomplishments.  Whether it’s for historical purposes, a gift for family to hang in the home,  formal boardroom business portraits, or to simply capture a special person and memory of a time gone by, Scot will meet your expectations.  Pencil, pastels or oilscapturing the likeness and essence of the subject in a dramatic artistic way is Scott’s strength.

Illustration Publications, books, magazines, greeting cards, corporate marketing, web imagery to support key concepts or drive home marketing points...if you have a need for a custom illustration, Scotts 40 plus years of experience will ensure success.


Commission Scott Snow — Contact us via email or phone to discuss your project and provide all pertinent information. Scott will supply you with an estimate and a reasonable work schedule from sketches and approvals to finished work.

Within Budget — If you have a working budget for a project, Scott’s diversity of styles will allow for workable solution within those limitations.

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